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LooLa Adventure Resort

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Experience the Real Bintan through its premier eco-resort ...

Loola Beach

Fun, Sun ...
Sea, Sand, Relax ...
Grow, Green, Action, Adventure !!

Always wanted to experience (more of) the real Indonesia, and enjoy some activity between your hammock sessions?

May we welcome you to LooLa then!

The region's most exciting and diverse programs for families, schools, companies, clubs & societies, parties & weddings, summer camps, and leadership or team bonding.

Right in Bintan's rural heartland, along its most beautiful coastal strip, you'll find our luxury eco villas, the classic LooLa chalets, dormitories, restaurants, and cocktail bar, all built in local style above the sea or at the beach.

Explore Bintan's idyllic and culturally rich offshore islands by boat ... or consider participating in a meaningful and heart-warming community project.

Scroll down to see why LooLa is the destination of choice for Singapore schools; for families with (very young) children; and for companies, churches and clubs - who love our exclusive (and green) programs and the unique isolated location!

3 guest feedbacks (for more, click here)

We will let the amazing family photos of Tng and Jeann speak for themselves ...

Mr Siva, HOD Craft & Technology, Springfield Sec:
"The stay in LooLa was the best I ever had in terms of activities and programme ... LooLa is unique, the staff is wonderful, and mindful of safety at all times. The food is excellent. Some of my students actually started crying when they had to leave!"

ESPN TV host Scott O'Donell, coach of Geylang United:
"I was very pleased with our trip to LooLa, both with the place and the staff. The activities helped create the type of team spirit and bonding that I was looking for. My reserve team coach was so impressed with LooLa that he now wants to take his team as well!
Note: the reserve coach, Mr Kadir Yahaya, did take the national youth team over the next year!

LooLa Beach

Activities and facilities (for photos, scroll down!)
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  Tidal sea-based pool, Beach and sea terraces

  Kayak, dragon-kayak and sailing (expeditions)
  Rafting/ Raft building & sea-flat marine walks
  Boat & boom-net trips to nearby islands *
  Climbing: in trees & on rock wall on the beach
  Skywalk - then take the leap of faith!
  Zipline: fly into our swimming pool!
  Orienteering & best kampong/hill treks in Bintan
  Celebrated community involvement programs
  LooLa's famous Eco/edu tours
  Survivor island adventure *
  Beach volley, futsal and basketball fields
  Team building games / obstacle course
  Beach-based Food & Function hall
  Ping Pong table
  Massage *
  and more added all the time!

LooLa Booking, price & contact info
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Accommodation (See section below for details!)
We have 2 luxury 4-room eco villas, 6 "classic LooLa" chalets, plus beautiful dormitory space for adventurous groups as big as 300+ people!

Prices. Prices below are in Sing $, and include accommodation, all food, water & tea and all on-site activities, i.e, all non (*) activities in the list above.

We don't do "++" : Only drinks, insurance, visa (if applicable) & transport-related costs are excluded from prices below.

"Classic LooLa" chalet (minimum charge 2 people)

2D1N or 3D2N:

$ 220 pp

extra night:

$ 110 pp

Luxury 4-room Eco villa (minimum charge 7 people)

2D1N or 3D2N:

$ 300 pp

extra night:

$ 150 pp

More than 7 people: charge is as per LooLa classic

We recommend coming with a group! For as few as 10 people, our famous boat and boomnet expedition is included, as well as some other perks. Please email us for details.

Please enquire for Family discounts

Ferries. Ferries leave from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (TMFT) to Tanjung Pinang, Bintan. We pick you up upon arrival.
Email us to receive an easy-to-use ferry booking form.

Location. Where is LooLa ? Check the map!

Safety. No roads except our own. Shallow water near the coast. Certified staff with well over a century of combined experience!
Our long list of (school) clients is testament to our safety record.

TO BOOK ....
Email our Singapore-based HQ/booking office info@loola.net, or
Call +65-6764 6496.

To see LooLa's other regional destinations, check our Facebook albums & click here to read about the programs we run there.
Please note that this website is property of EBM, and that all sales of LooLa go exclusively through EBM, a Singapore-based travel agency that also acts as the HQ of LooLa's overall development. EBM is short for "Educational Bookings and Management"

What to choose: LooLa classic or the LooLa luxury eco villas? ...
(for many more (interior) photos, see our facebook site !)

LooLa Adventure Resort

Above: The two new luxury eco villas; Sabine's villa is on the right, Isa's villa (the inter-connected pavilions) is on the left.
Below: The classic LooLa chalets.
For many more (interior) photos ... see our facebook albums.

The classic LooLa chalets: From the year LooLa opened (2000) until now, these chalets have been a success with lovers of the outdoors. Stunningly located, there are 5 such chalets on the sea, and one land chalet with its own adjacent beach.

All chalets are made with beautiful wood from renewable resources. They feature large verandas, fans, bathrooms with sun-warmed water, and a room with either 2 or 4 beds which can sleep up till 5 people.
Back-up shower-gel, tooth-paste, and towels are provided, but otherwise please bring your own toiletries.

The two luxury eco villas: We wanted to show that one can build beautiful villas with modern luxuries - while staying fully eco.
Spectacularly beautiful with world-class views, these two 300 sqm, 4-bedroom villas feature large tropical living rooms, furniture hand-carved from old boat wood, natural ventilation, as well as a world-first eco aircon system: The sun freezes two giant blocks of ice during the day, and the ice then cools your room at night!

Isa's villa is Marc's present for Isabelle. Pavillion-style with connecting staircases, and a living room with awesome views upstairs, it was made with local materials.
Sabine's villa was built in collaboration with Sabine, a friend of ours with a talent for interior design, and it features amazing Balinese woodworks and 50,000 bamboo roof shingles.
Featured prominently in the Straits Times, 28 Jan 2015, we are sure you will enjoy these villas as much as we do!

Our family activities in pictures ...
(pix show mostly kids, but parents enjoy the activities just the same!)
(for many more photos, see our facebook site !)

Our community service (CSR) activities in pictures ...
(for many more photos, see our facebook site !)

Our Family programs ...

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Have a look at the list of activities listed above (in text and in photos), and see even more photos on our facebook site.

Our staff will aim to let you experience our most popular activities (weather, tides and time permitting) and will explain the tentative activity plan upon your arrival.
Let our staff know if there are certain activities you don't want to miss, and they will do their best to plan them in!
For larger family groups (> 10 pax), our staff will aim to do a round of boat and boom-netting, while smaller groups can request this activity at a flat surcharge of $ 200.

For families who like the idea of making a difference to the local community, we strongly encourage you to engage in a community service project . Those families who have tried it invariably list it as one of the highlights of their stay at LooLa. Here is how it works: you typically help improve the quality of life for a single household in a nearby village, for instance by building beds, donating mosquito nets, painting the house, or (our favorite project) building a waste water garden - which gives a local family once again access to clean water, while protecting the environment at the same time. Such projects are quoted strictly at cost, typically a few hundred dollars. If interested, please ask us for more info!

Our Community, eco and green programs ...

Get involved with the community: local schools, orphanages, and villages 
and help the environment at the same time!

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Isabelle and Marc founded LooLa in the belief that a good business can and should benefit all other stakeholders too: our local community, our staff, and our clients.

It turned out that Indonesia embraces such an approach, and so do our guests. Many of you are keen to make a positive impact on the local people and the environment - not only by enthusiastically participate in our community involvement projects (see next column), but by initiating and adopting new projects too!

Our staff are all recruited from Bintan itself, and the vast majority is from our local kampung (village). To encourage them as business-owners, we passed the drinks business over to them - which is why drinks are the only item not included in our packages.

Bintan's government has been very supportive partner as well, teaching our staff how to file government-related papers, and helping our guests reduce their carbon footprints via tree-planting incentives.

In 2013, we embarked on an ambitious project to collect most of our water from rain, recycle all our waste water clean back into the water table, generate all daytime power via solar energy, and build the world's first two eco villas where even the aircon is powered by the sun.
We are delighted to report that by January 2015, all the hardware was in place and we are now working to get the most out of the systems!

Our local staff, as always, have risen to the task and are now in the process of taking full ownership over these systems and conducting interactive eco tours for our guests. The task we have set ourselves for 2015 is to optimize our eco systems, and use them for an engaging education program for both local and foreign guests.

To make your community project in Indonesia a success, there is an easy recipe, yet so unfamiliar that many of us need a bit of time to truly incorporate it: just bring a ready smile, and a willingness to experience a completely different way of doing things!

With the changing needs of our community, our programs change too, but to give just a few examples of projects that have worked very well (and contine to work well):

Plant a few hectares of trees, and you could make your organization a green one, carbon-neutral or better! Organize a sports and/or arts exchange, build / repair local roads, build a basketball field, build beds in local homes, place mosquito nets for villagers or help upgrade their houses, make a difference at an orphanage, adopt a local school, build waste water gardens ... The possibilities are endless ...

It is this philosophy - and its successful implementation - that led to LooLa being awarded best eco resort in Asia (2012)

For full details, please check our LooLa Eco page

Our School Programs ...

Thanking schools for your trust in making us market leader, here's what made us so:
A wide range of programs, from team and self-confidence enhancing activities 
to community services to NYAA trips (for groups of 15 - 400 students).

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The owners of LooLa, Dr. Marc van Loo and Ms. Isabelle Lacoste, have taught at schools and universities in Singapore since 1991. Isabelle was founder and Coordinator of a 500 student strong French Language program at NTU, and is currently President of the Association of French Teachers in Singapore, as well as IB CAS coordinator at GESS. Marc was Professor of Math and Physics at a local affiliate of CalState U as well as Coordinator of Critical Thinking at NTU, and has taught highschool mathematics and physics at ACS(I), SJI(I), UWCSEA, and GESS. He is chief editor of an authorative Cambridge University Press book on the IB Diploma (detailed educational resume is posted on this book site).

We have developed (and continue to review) LooLa together with Outdoor Ed specialists from visiting schools to ensure we continue to deliver the best educational programs this region has on offer.

This approach has made LooLa the market leader as a destination for overseas school trips. In 2010, for instance, we ran around 100 (!) school trips, including 8 level camps, and our regular school visitors include Singaporean schools (at Primary, Secondary, ITE, Poly and JC level) as well as most International schools based in Singapore - See here for a more complete list.

Objectives met by our programs:
Character-building; Leadership; team bonding; survival; ruggedness and adventure; self-esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness; global, national and cultural awareness, appreciation of (marine) nature and local culture; programs incorporating history, economy, maths, science and eco curriculum; programs for NYAA, NPCC, TAF; and our celebrated CIPs (pioneered by Loola since the year 2000) - take your pick and we will personalize the program for you!

"Every student in Singapore should visit LooLa."
- Varatha Rajan, Head Of PE/CCA, Seng Kang Sec

"My students' overnight trip to Bintan to place used computers in needy schools was one of the most outstanding community service ventures I have ever been a part of."
- Joan Adams, Middle School Principal, American School

"In a nut shell, our Sec 3 camp was EXCELLENT! I have done numerous camps both locally and abroad for the full level (i.e. with over 300 pupils each time) and LooLa ranks right there at the top. I dare say that I am already thinking of camp LooLa 2008!
- Neville Teo, HOD PE/CCA at Admiralty Sec

"The stay in LooLa was the best I ever had in terms of activities and programme ... LooLa is unique, the staff is wonderful, and mindful of safety at all times. The food is excellent. Some of my students actually cried when they had to leave!"
- Mr Siva, HOD Craft & Technology, Springfield Sec

"2 weeks after the trip and still my students are raving about LooLa. In all my years of taking students on outdoor adventures, LooLa is by far the most exciting and challenging adventure resort I have ever been to."
- Dave Hubbard, Principal of Lower Sec, Chatsworth Intn'l

Schools are strongly encouraged to participate in our CIP (community) programs. Do a sports or arts exchange, do a joint eco tour, build roads or beds, make a difference for orphans, install mosquito nets, adopt a local school, install a waste water garden! The possibilities are endless ... see previous section for more!

If you would like to have a copy of our typical programs (2 to 7 days) for school groups, please email info@loola.net

A note on our quality and safety standards for overseas school trips

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As a member of the global sustainable business community, LooLa believes that high standards for quality and safety are in the best interest of all stakeholders. As such, we are proud to be a part of an expert community-driven initiative to build and maintain such standards with an open source principle.
The standards at hand were initiated by a dozen of Singapore’s leading practitioners from both the public and private sector, whose pooled experiences span well over a century of senior man-years. They articulated a set of high standards that reflect the best of their joint wisdom in order to serve all stakeholders, with safety and quality being paramount.

But good standards are not static. They must constantly evolve to reflect the latest wisdom.
LooLa believe this is best done by engaging the community:
  • Everyone with a stake and an interest in maintaining high quality and safe overseas trip experiences should be able to contribute.
  • LooLa endeavours to be part of this ongoing effort, by striving to adhere to the standards, as well as to maintain and further develop them.

As such, we hereby pledge, publicly:

  • To do our best to adhere to the community expert-driven Overseas Travel Guidelines published here (refer to the latest open source version)
  • To help to maintain and further develop the Overseas Travel Guidelines by contributing new insights and areas for improvement at any given opportunity

Our Corporate Programs ...

We cater to companies on two different levels:

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Our intensive facilitated company events.

These events are fully customized for those who seek to define or strengthen vision, true leadership, and constructive and effective communication and feedback at all levels. Anther key issue that could be addressed is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - how about announcing to the world that you are a Carbon-neutral company? (you could that by simply adopting an extremely affordable planting project in Indonesia!). And then there is conflict management, coaching issues, personal efficiency, time management, project management, and sales training.

These courses would be run by highly qualified instructors from our tried and tested pool of Singapore-based corporate trainers.
Our budget do-it-yourself company events.

These events develop corporate team bonding & leadership through challenging but fun programs involving climbing, ropes courses, flying fox, sailing, kayaking, boating, CSR projects, and (overnight) expeditions to survivor island!

You wish to do something really different, truly unique, and profoundly moving? Then add in a life and company changing community service - possibly the best way to bond and unite your company in a common goal.

Our resident staff organizes the activities, and you'll be provided with help sheets to conduct your own evaluation.

For guest lists and testimonials, click here;
for more information, please email info@loola.net.

Holiday and Summer Camps for Teens and kids ...

A great adventure: living on chalets out in the sea,
(midnight) kayaking, climbing, cycling, orienteering, survivor island, team games, community work, and much more...

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LooLa Adventure Resort has, since its opening in August 1999, taken the educational community by storm. Both international and local schools have embraced our concept, and many schools have decided to integrate our programs in their curricula, with more schools following suit all the time.

Developed and owned by two teachers, LooLa brings together the latest educational insights to promote team spirit, self-confidence, leadership skills, and a sensitivity for the local community; but above all, to have an unforgettable experience ...

LooLa runs two types of summer camps:

First, we have our ongoing camps with Centaurs Rugby, and with CUFA Football. In these camps, kids get to enjoy not only the fabulous LooLa experience, but they will also hone their Rugby or Football skils with the experienced coaches from our partners.

These camps come with a social mission: to host a group of local orphans and local students at LooLa and create an experience all kids will cherish for a lifetime (organize a fun tournament, do LooLa activities together, bake pizza's together, and campfire party).

The other type of camp is LooLa's own 6-day holiday camps

Our summer camps for teens (U18) challenge the students by engaging them in a sustained and meaningful community project over which they are supposed to take full ownership, but other than this, the camp will be filled with robust and exciting activities specifically tailored to this age group.
For a document with more info, click here.
To check availability and to register, please click here

Click here to read what parents say about our camps!

For more info, please email info@loola.net.

Father-son camps and other family bonding programs ...

There's no better place to do so than LooLa ...

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The formula for success for a family bonding trip is this:
Unite the family members in a happy and exciting location, with no chances for external interruptions; a location which naturally guides everyone to the only option: happy play together!

That place is LooLa: there's no neighbors and no TV (unless you really beg for it ;-) ), but there's a whole lot of very enjoyable yet challenging activities that create mutual trust and bonding.

Try to get a kayak to go where you want - we've got kayaks that hold between 2 to 10 people! Climb a coconut tree together, but after the dad secures the son, reverse roles: son belays dad!

Or spend the night together on survivor island ... the list is endless.

Of course LooLa's staff will be in the background to make sure things are safe, but there's little that will do as much for fathers and sons to create a strong bond of mutual respect ...

Simply try to get 10+ father-son pairs together, and we're a go.

At a modest $ 700 per pair (twin-sharing, all-in, including ferry) or $ 550 per pair (dormitory style) for a 2N3D spectacular experience, this could well be the best family investment you've ever made ...
For more info, simply email info@loola.net !

Testimonials & Quotes

What our guests are saying about LooLa!

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Please note that we have stopped adding/updating this section since 2012, but of course Tripadvisor continues, and we're very proud of our local staff for having received the highest Tripadvisor accolades: for three years running (2013, 2014, 2015) we're a Tripadvisor world top 1% family resort!
The table below features a partial list of our school guests (many of which come back every year!) and a partial list of publications and TV coverage of LooLa. For testimonials, see further down!

Singapore Schools

Level camps ( * = repeat camps)

Admiralty Sec
Assumption Sec (*)
Beatty Sec
Bukit Batok Sec
Bukit Merah Sec
Bukit Panjang High
Chung Cheng (*)
Commonwealth Sec
East View Sec
Fuhua Sec
Kuo Chuan Presbytarian
North Vista Sec (*)
Singapore American School (*)
St Anthony Canossian (*)
St Gabriel
St Nicholas (*)
St Theresa
Tanjung Katong Sec
Yuhua Sec

Other camps:

Admiralty Sec
Ai Tong Pri
Anderson Sec
Anglo-Chinese Pri
Anglo-Chinese JC
Anglo-Chinese School (Indep)
Ang Mo Kio Sec
Assumption School
Beatty Sec
Bedok green Primary
Bedok Green Sec
Bedok South Sec
Bedok Town Sec
Bendemeer Sec
Bishan Park Sec
Boon Lay Sec
Broadrick Sec
Bukit Batok Sec
Bukit Merah Sec
Bukit Panjang Sec
Bukit Pajang High
Bukit View Sec
Catholic High
Catholic JC
ChangKat Changi Sec
Chestnut Drive Sec
CHIJ Toa Payoh
Chinese Girls school
Chong Boon Sec
Chung Cheng Sec
Clementi Woods Sec
Commonwealth Sec
Coral Sec
Deyi Sec
Dunearn Sec
Dunman High school
East Spring Pri
East View Sec
Evergreen Sec
Fajar Sec
First Toa Payoh
Fuhua Sec
Geylang Methodist Pri
Greenridge Pri
Greenridge Sec
Griffith Pri
Guangyang Sec

Hai Sing
Holy Innocents high school
Hwa Chong College
Innova JC
ITE Bedok
ITE Central
ITE East
ITE West
Kranji Sec
Kuo Chuan Presbytarian
Manjusri Sec
Maris Stella school
Marsiling Sec
Mayflower Sec
MLEP MOE HQ - Malay language unit
Millennia Institute
Nan Chiau
Nanyang Poly
Naval Base Pri
Naval Base Sec
Ngee Ann Poly
Northland Pri
Northland Sec
North View Sec
North Vista Sec
Outram Sec
Opera Estate Pri
Orchid Park Sec
Pasir Ris Sec
Pei Hwa Sec
Pierce Sec
Punggol Sec
Queenstown Sec
Queensway Sec
Raffles Girls School
Regent Sec
River Valley Primary
Seng Kang Sec
Serangoon Gardens
Siglap Sec
Singapore Polytechnic
Singapore Sports School
St. Andrew's Junior
St. Anthony Cannossian
St. Gabriel's Sec
St. Hilda
St. Nicholas
St Theresa
Tampines Sec
Tampines JC
Tanjong Katong Sec,
Tanjong Katong Girls Sec
Tao Nan Sec
Telok Kurau Sec
Temasek Polytechnic
Temasek JC
XinMin Sec
Yio Chu Kang Sec
Yio Chu Kang Gardens,
Yishun Town Sec
Yuan Ching Sec
Yuhua Sec
Yusof Ishak Sec
Whitley Sec
Woodlands Ring Pri
Woodlands Sec
ZhengHua Sec
ZhongHua Pri
ZhongHua Sec

International schools

Alliance Francaise
Anglo-Chinese (International)
Australian International School
Avondale Grammar School
Canadian International School
CalTex Pekanbaru (Indonesia)
Chatsworth International School
Chinese International School
EtonHouse (primary)
European School
French School
Genesis school for the disabled
German School
Hollandse School (Dutch School)
Indian International School
International School of Jakarta
International School Singapore
Linz school (Austria)
Overseas Family College
NPS International School
Pacific Hills school (Sydney)
PSB Academy
Singapore American School
St Joseph Institute (International)
St Joseph Institute (elementary)
Surabaya International School (Indonesia)
Swiss school
Tanglin Trust School
United World College

Corporate groups and clubs:

Citibank, Philips, Nokia, Geylang United, Milward Brown, Dunhill, MayBank, FAS national youth team, Boy Scouts, Volkswagen, Mendaki, Singapore Recreation Club, Sports Boules, M1, AMEX, Thomson Publishing, and many, many more local companies, clubs, church groups, community centres ...


Singapore Teachers Union, AUPE, NTUC, ...

Featured in:

Hong Kong Cable TV 12, Oct 2006 (on recommendation by STB)
N.T.U.C Healthcare Magazine March 2003 (Chinese)
N.T.U.C Lifestyle Magazine July 2003 (English)
Further magazines: NPCC , Banter, ADB, Nanyang Chronicle, Expat Magazine, ...

Nokia Technical Assistance Center: ' Let me start by telling how much we enjoyed ourselves in LooLa. All the activities, food and accommodation were great. On top of that, let me highlight the fact that your staff has been the best I have seen so far in my five year stint in Asia
- Tomi Niskakoski, Manager

Parental feedback on our Summer camps: ' Michelle and Daniella still rave about our camp until today. They say it was one of their best experiences and would join your camp any time again. Besides having some of their good friends with them, it was mainly David who made this week so memorable for them. He had his group under control and made everybody relax and have lots of fun. I believe he was able to analyze each child's character by knowing what their weaknesses and strength were. I gather this all from the stories that came back home as both of my girls returned with lots of confidence. I also appreciate the professional follow-up by providing a write up about each child's accomplishments during camp. If we are here next summer I will surely send my girls to your camp again. Again thank you for making my children so happy this summer. ' 
- Gabriele van Eck

Pauline Chia's birthday party group: 'Just want to let you know that your resort was breathtaking and it was a real pleasure to have spent our weekend there. All my friends had a great time and I had a great 30th BD celebration. '
- Pauline Chia

Admiralty Sec sent us this after their Sec 3 mass camp (since then, in 2010 - March 2011 alone, we ran 13 successful level camps!). 'In a nut shell, it was EXCELLENT! I have done numerous camps both locally and abroad for the full level (i.e. with over 300 pupils each time) and LooLa ranks right there at the top. I dare say that I am already thinking of camp LooLa 2008! In greater detail, here goes: The camp site was close enough for everyone to be in close contact with each other yet spacious enough that we did not get into each other's way during the activities. The absence of mosquitoes was comforting. The tents were ingeniously built and sturdy [ note that since Jan 2010 we have beautiful dormitories for over 350 students!, the LooLa team], and provided comfortable accommodations for the pupils. The huts were adequate and the in-house shower and water closet was a great asset. The new 'hall' was splendid and became the focal point for all activities, eg. Meals, meetings, rest, assembly, games. The staff at LooLa were friendly and helpful, always seeing to our needs and making us feel right at home. Food was plentiful and good and I even had to request that the portions be reduced to prevent wastage. There was sufficient drinking water at all times. As to the Singaporean facilitators you engaged, the instructors were friendly yet firm when required. They managed to connect with the pupils from the onset and built rapport easily. They facilitated the various activities very well and constantly engaged the pupils throughout every free moment. They showed care and concern for the pupils and really put in their best to ensure that my pupils enjoyed the camp. A testimony to your operations: my pupils did not want to leave LooLa and asked why they could not stay on longer. Yes, you can ask Dul [LooLa's director] as he was there and even jokingly agreed to build a hut for them if they stayed back!
- Mr Neville Teo, head of PE/CCA

And here you hear it from a student, Farhana, who was on the Tanjung Katong level camp in March 2010!
'Hi there!
I am Farhana, representing Class 3B from Tanjong Katong Secondary School and we were at LooLa from 2nd-5th March 2010. We just wish to thank you and the people of LooLa for the unforgetable experience we had. It was the best camp ever and we couldn't stop thinking of LooLa back at school! The boomnet and flying fox were amazing and is definitely what we would not have been able to do back in Singapore. Memories in LooLa we would not forget - LooLa made us all believe we could do anything and conquer great heights. It was so relaxing and was a great break from studies with the great ocean breeze. The people in LooLa were so friendly and they were so caring! They would calm us down when we were nervous and of all the camps we have been, we never had trainers that were so friendly and homely. The food was great and the accommodation was perfect! Most importantly, we all had a blast! The CIP with the orphans was awesome and very, very meaningful. Some of us even cried when we had to leave cos' LooLa was just heavenly. Our new-found family back in LooLa would always be part of us and we will be back--we want to!!
Thank You so much for the great time! LooLa will be our top camp spot forever! Regards,
- Farhana of TK 3B'10 =)

Just to let you know the great feedback keeps coming, here is Griffith Pri's and Broadrick Sec's feedback on their March 2011 trips:
'Dear Darren, Tess and the entire LooLa crew
We had a great time at LooLa - this is definitely not the last time you are going to hear from us!
I uploaded a little teaser video on your Facebook page to attract more kids to take up scouting (and to go to LooLa! haha). Thank you once again. (Cliche composition ending) we went home tired but happy :-)
Yours in Scouting'
- Zaidy Nandir, Teacher in charge of the Griffith trip

Broadrick Sec on their March 2011 trip: 'Service rendered was excellent and we are glad that trainers are able to cater to our last minute changes. Safety was never been neglected, bonding between the trainers and student were very pleasant. The food and rooms were fantastic. Overall I would rate it excellent. Thanks & Regards!'
- Noor Fadillah, Co-Curriculum Programme Executive

Feedback from a small group of friends: ' We had the most relaxing weekend in LooLa's! As usual, the weather there was much better than in Singapore, so we got a very good sun tan and some sun burns. For the first time in my life I was not just participating on a boat but sailing myself - I just LOVED it! It's so easy! Well, ok, we capsized twice and my friend slid in the water a couple more times but it was soo much fun! We did kayaking, enjoyed the stars, loved our chalet, its floor, the veranda - everything.
Your staff is very helpful and friendly as well. As they heard we'ld prefer a water chalet they even changed our chalet from No. 6 onshore to no 2 on the water in the evening so they even had to clean it again. Different to many other places in this region all of them feel very responsible for the guest's wellbeing and we were amazed they even followed us - by kayaks or sail boats - in a distance to ensure we would not be in difficulties. Once I lost my snorkel mask when cap sizing & immediately three of the boys helped me searching it for over 30 min. on the ground until one of them found it. I highly appreciated that and gave them a tip later. Your staff Ronny even keeps two kinds of classic music tapes for young and old couples in the car, and explained us a lot.
We'll also come back for sure - I have to improve my sailing! '
- Henning Focks

Another birthday party feedback: ' Once again I'd like to thank you & all your staff for your kind hospitality. Thank you for letting us stay there over the weekend and have the whole place to ourselves. My friend, Darren, said he had a most memorable birthday there. We had such a great time and we'd love to come back sometime soon...
- Midori Tsuru (who did come back every year until she left Singapore!)

Singapore American School, taken from their website: One mom sent this, ' I would like to thank you for letting my son Andy go to Bintan on the weekend. I have never heard the word "awesome" mentioned so many times describing this trip to us. I am sure this will be his best memory of Singapore.'
' We will never forget the smiling faces of hundreds of Indonesian children greeting my students and teachers as we placed computers in 8 different schools in Bintan. The experiences provided at Camp LooLa and on the island of Bintan will always remain with us. '
- Paul Combs, Deputy Principal, Middle School

Chatsworth International School. Chatsworth runs their grade 5, 6, and 8 trips to LooLa, and this is what they have to say:
' 2 weeks after the trip and still my students are raving about LooLa Resort. In all my years of taking students on outdoor adventures LooLa is by far the most exciting and challenging adventure resort I have ever been to. The staff were fantastic and quickly built a strong rapport with my students. All the activities were challenging, exciting and at all times safe. The food is excellent, especially the BBQ at the campfire! As my students say: LooLa Rocks!' 
- Dave Hubbard, Head of Lower Secondary.

EtonHouse Primary school was one of the first primary schools to visit us (in 2006, after which they came back three times in a row in 2007!), and they taught us a lot about how to adapt the environment and activities to bring out the best for a school group of this age. Other than that, here is what they wrote: The kids had a wonderful time. Your staff were excellent. They were attentive to all our needs and made sure that everything went smoothly. The food was excellent; possibly the best I have ever seen in 35 years of attending school camps. Bravo! The rock wall was a big hit, and the boom netting was sensational: the kids are still talking about it!
- Les Fielder, Teacher of year 5

Hollandse School (Dutch School). The Dutch school runs their `groep 7' (grade 5) trips through LooLa. They sent us this quote in 2004: 'Another world so close by. Three days at LooLa adventure resort.....setting, activities and the dedicated staff are one of a kind. See you all next year! ' 
- Andre Mevissen, in charge of 'groep 7'.
'Alles uitstekend verlopen. Complimenten aan de LooLa staf, we zijn 100% tevreden!' (In English: 'Our 2009 visit went very well. Our compliments to the LooLa staff - we're 100% satisfied!')
- Joice Wassink, in charge of 'groep 7' in 2009.

ITE Bedok. After successful visits every year from 2001 onwards, the ITE Bedok is planning to work together with the American School to develop LooLa's community programs further, and help building up local schools.
' It's a place to be for those who wanna be! The tranquillity brings out the best of an individual in you ! '
- Mohamed Tahir Ali, Section Head/PE&CCA/BK

PSB Academy sent us this wonderful note after their Jan 2008 trip:
Hi Marc, thank you for all your help in arranging for the trip and for answering the numerous questions that I flooded your email with - the trip was a fruitful one through the incorporation of your activities and our own consultant's programme. All my students have three word to describe the entire experience - LOOLA was FUN!
I want to say a big THANK YOU on behalf of my students and colleagues to Claudette [LooLa's sales manager] for her patience and helpfulness in answering all my questions ... to Elyas for his help to coordinate things on the 2nd night & his patience when we woke him up to handle a power trip (3 o'clock in the morning!) ... to the guys that demo & helped us with the high ropes (especially the one we nicknamed "BISHAN PARK 18" cos he could climb like spiderman!) ... to the guys who waited for one of our students who took almost an hour before she had the courage to leap off the upper deck of the boat ... to Karno [LooLa's communications director] for meeting us at arrival and helping us with the boarding pass for our return trip ... to the fantastic cook who whipped up sumptuous and delicious dishes...that my students are still talking about even when back in singapore ... to the faithful lady who make sure there's enough beverages for us all every moment of the day ... and, last but not least, to ever-ready Dodi [LooLa's customer service director] who helped us with the impromptu requests...for bottled drinks, bread, biscuits, calling cards and sharing about Indonesia...and entertaining my bunch of energetic students who got along very well with him ...
I have attached a photo taken before we left LOOLA on the last day.
Have a wonderful day ahead!
- Lydia Irene Yeo, Executive / Student affairs

The United World College. The UWC has visited us well over 20 times. Students went twice with telescopes for star-gazing trips (since the night sky is so clear at LooLa), IB students English did their oral exam at LooLa, and much more ... As a result, UWC decided in 2004 to offer LooLa as one of their week-long grade 9 trips. Out of the more than 10 local options, parents voted overwhelmingly for 'LooLa'.

Lycee Francais (French School). The French school runs their yearly grade 8 trips with us since 2001. Here's what they have to say:
' LooLa offers all the ingredients that make a school trip successful:
- Prior to departure, a good organization by Marc and Isabelle, the owners. They have all the experience and flexibility to answer your needs.
- a variety of sports and physical activities specially designed for team building.
- an unusual location in Bintan, remote and authentic, making you feel you are far away from Singapore, with real adventure in the form of a nearby deserted paradise island. In short, we all had a great time and look forward to going back again! '
- Yves Gosselin, Head of PE
And here's another comment from one of his colleagues, Helene Vernet, in French:
' Pendant notre sejour a Bintan, nous avons eu une experience formidable. Au resort LooLa, des activites possibles et realisables dans de bonnes conditions nous ont ete proposees grace a un materiel bien entretenu. Les chambres des differents chalets sont aerees et agreables. Quant au petit-dejeuner, vous aurez une experience gastronomique assuree. Le personnel du village est tres sympathique et ils seront toujours prets pour vous accueillir. Allez a LooLa et vous aurez des vacances de reve... '

Seng Kang Sec was the first Singapore Secondary school to visit us, during the March 2002 holidays, with a group of 30 students (mostly from the TAF club) and 3 teachers. An extract of their quotes follows here:
'... a pleasant ride towards LooLa that brought back memories of Singapore Kampongs of the late 70s. Upon arrival we were welcomed by the friendly yet respectful staff of LooLa. We were pleased with the cosy chalets, and happy to find there is no problem with mosquitoes at all.
Our kids took an immediate liking to the telescope and the stars. Thousands of them lit up the sky and it is a real wonder. Our students even took the trouble of waking up at 4am to watch the moon rise through the telescope, and then at 7 am again to see the sun rise out of the sea! These are truly sights to behold.
The rock climbing was challenging, but there's something for every level: easy, intermediate and difficult. We also did the flying fox to into the sea. It was fun and the kids loved it. The canoeing, rafting and sailing was fun too. We did activities coupled with low rope elements which were superb for team work and confidence building. Everthing we did there was 100% safe.
We are already planning our next trip to LooLa this year. LooLa is a place every youth in Singapore should visit.'
- Varatha Rajan, Head Of PE/CCA
The students thoroughly enjoyed their 3 days at LooLa. It opened their eyes to the wonders of nature which we so miss in Singapore. They were fascinated by the beach, the sunset and all the wonderful sights that LooLa offered them. The activities brought them out their shells as they were not conscious of their physical self, and everyone was doing all that they could to ensure everyone succeeded in whatever task was set. With the help of the wonderful staff at LooLa, the trip got even better. Thanks for a great job guys. We will be back !!
- K. "Raj" Thanaraj, Sports Secretary

The German European School is a regular visitor to the LooLa Adventure Resort. "Our school has visited LooLa for many years in a row now, and teachers and students (including myself!) love the place, its activities and the ever-friendly, helpful and personable staff! The experiential and outdoor learning programme at LooLa is now a key component of our curriculum, providing our students with an opportunity to łget out of school and learn about the world."
- Andreas Swoboda, VP and Director of European Section

Yishun Town Sec was the second Singaporean school who visited us in March 2002. They offered us this quote:
My group had a wonderful time at the resort. My students especially enjoyed the time when I brought them out during low tide to check out the marine life. We found sea cucumbers, starfishes, shrimps, various fishes (including a puffer fish), clams, crabs (hermit crabs too!) and other amazing stuff! it was the first time that my students had the opportunity to interact with authentic marine life up close. Your staff was very helpful, we enjoyed the food and the activities, and we felt very safe throughout our entire visit to Bintan. We hope to return soon!
- David Yim, acting head IT, YTSS

A group of families sent us this: We had a really good time at LooLa and really appreciated our 2006 Hari Raya holiday weekend. LooLa's staff is amazing: always there to help and take care of everyone, and very professional and nice with the kids! Thank you very much, we are sure to come back!
- Anne Ghanem

Springfield Sec put it very succinctly: "The stay in LooLa was the best I ever had in terms of activities and programme ... LooLa is unique, the staff is wonderful, and mindful of safety at all times. The food is excellent. Some of my students actually cried when they had to leave!"
- Mr Siva, HOD Craft & Technology, Springfield Sec

Tanjong Katong Sec visited us in Nov 2002 for 4 days. Here's their comment:
Our trip was wonderful, thanks to your hospitable staff. It was unfortunate that we did not manage to bring a larger group as the experience was truly enriching. Thank you for the arrangements to visit the orphanage which made our trip meaningful and heartwarming. Thank you for also accommodating to the needs of our Muslim students who were fasting. Meals were delicious and drinking water was plentiful.
We've fallen in love with your resort so we'll meet again next year!

Since those early days over 50 local Singaporean schools have followed suit, and their number is still mounting. See the growing list above!

Joo Chiat Community Centre was the first community centre to visit us in July 2002. Here's their comment:
We will be back!!

Church groups have recently also discovered that LooLa is ideal for an isolated getaway. Come and join us with your church!

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