Our accommodation range

Survivor island ... homestay ... rustic eco ... 5-star eco-luxury
You choose!

Accommodation, all onsite activities, food, coffee, tea, water are included in the prices below.
Excluded: ferry and land transport (although we can arrange door-to-door for you) || cost of community projects || insurance.
For group tours, prices are slightly higher (as these include fully customized programs), see the [who are you?] menu button.


The original LooLa rustic classic chalets (6 units), first built in the year 2000.

For those in tune with the outdoors, these chalets have fans and sea-breeze to cool you down – and have been recently equipped with hot showers.

They all have a magnificent veranda from which you can enjoy some of the best and quietest views Asia has on offer.

Price: $125 pp per night (minimal 2 people, minimal 2 nights)

1 room
King-sized beds
2 - 5

Eco Luxury Villa: Isa villa

A magnificent villa right on the beach, it shows that eco and luxury can go hand in hand.

Designed by a student, and built by Marc van Loo (the "Loo" in LooLa) for his wife, Isabelle Lacoste (the "La"), it features pavilions connected by staircases with a living room upstairs.

Features: special eco cooling systems, fridge, hand-made furniture

Price: $150 pp per night (minimal 8 people, minimal 2 nights)

4 rooms
King-sized beds
7 - 15

Eco luxury villa: Sabine villa

Another magnificent villa right on the beach, this villa also shows that eco and luxury can go hand in hand.

Built following traditional Balinese techniques, the roof has 50,000 bamboo shingles. There are 3 upstairs rooms all under that same magnificent roof, and one room downstairs with its own balcony

Features: special eco cooling systems, fridge, hand-made furniture

Price: $150 pp per night (minimal 7 people, minimal 2 nights)

4 rooms
King-sized beds
7 - 30


2 separate buildings (male and female), right at the beach, with 2 rooms of 75 beds each.

So we're good to go for groups of up to 300 people who are ready for the ultimate team-building experience!

Price: For free and easy travellers, $ 90 pp per night, minimal 2 nights

4 big rooms
Simple beds

Camp on Survivor Island

For the ultimate adventurers:

Make your own tent and do your own cooking on a deserted island!
Cool for schools, father-son camps, or, more generally, parent-child bonding!

For small adventurous groups < 30 pax, this comes at an extra charge of $ 30 pp.

Homestay with Local Family

A fantastic opportunity to meet with –and spend a night or two with– the local people in our village.

Cook with them, play with them, and help empower them to become great tourist hosts!

Price: $ 110 pp per night (minimal 2 nights at LooLa and/or homestay)

Bask in Eco luxury

LooLa does not view other hotels as competitors – we see them as partners.

So if you want to enjoy LooLa's Eco activities but enjoy luxury hotel rooms for your accommodation, we can book you with our 5 star neighbor (the Residence, pictured here), or at a 4 star hotel in town, or with Banyan Tree, or any other Bintan hotel you want!

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