Gallery - our photos and videos!


Follow-up video to their 2012 Award to LooLa.

BBC's Stephen Sackur explains why LooLa was crowned world #1 in responsible tourism

View the key parts of the 2015 London WRT award ceremony with BBC’s Stephen Sackur, also featuring our LooLa staff Karno Ako on his first visit to Europe!

Bird view of LooLa

Our beautiful place, seen from above.

Safe Water Gardens by schools

A fantastic video made by Singapore-based school SJII’s videographer Dylan James George

Wala Wala Staff Retreat

Video from the Wala Wala Bar, enjoying their annual company retreat in LooLa.

Singapore Poly Students

Poly Students made a LooLa promotional video for their Business course.

Safe Water Gardens CSR

A CSR trip by Rabobank, video by Brainpool

Safe Water Gardens by families

It’s not just schools and companies that build Safe Water Gardens:

Families –even with very young kids– have been digging too!

Activities in LooLa

With a big thank you to Francois and Catherine for sending us this video

Summer Camp in LooLa

Together with our partner Centaurs rugby club.

Football camps in LooLa

This one was organised by CUFA

Secondary school trip

Thank you Canadian school for contributing this video!

Dental care for Bintan's orphans

Thank you Nanyang Poly students, for coming twice a year to LooLa to serve orphans –they are looking forward to your next visit!

Safe Water Gardens
2 minute video

An amazing contribution by Anripa Media, this video gives a quick overview of what Safe Water Gardens are, what benefits they bring, and what our vision for the future is.

LooLa Eco Adventure