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An experience like no other, right next door to Singapore – LooLa shows that sustainability isn't just crucial for the planet, but that it's lots of fun at the same time!

We make Eco, Adventure, CSR & Teambuilding a blast – for every age and every person
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• Amazing adventure activities
• Meaningful and fun Eco activities
• A dazzling range of accommodation options
• Door-to-door || hassle-free || fully customizable || all-inclusive || safety-audited

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Our (eco) activities – part of your package!*

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*Please note that a small surcharge applies to off-site activities.

Rock climbing


Coconut Tree Climbing

Flying Fox



Boat & Boomnet

Plant-based cooking


Seaflat Marine Walk

Obstacle Course


Gender-equality program



Firefly walk

Boat expeditions

Tie Dye *

Raft Design & Race

Marine surveys *


Pizza making *

Survivor island *

Mangrove tree planting *



Sustainable construction


Market visits

Eco cooling

Rainwater harvesting

Kampung walk

Outdoor cooking *

Fishing and Crab hunting


Hill treks

Safe Water Garden *

Our rooms

We offer an amazing array of choices, from survivor island to 5 star luxury.
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The original LooLa rustic classic chalets (6 units), first built in the year 2000. For those in tune with the outdoors, these chalets have fans …

Eco Luxury Villa: Isa villa

A magnificent villa right on the beach, it shows that eco and luxury can go hand in hand. Designed by a student, and built by …

Eco luxury villa: Sabine villa

Another magnificent villa right on the beach, this villa also shows that eco and luxury can go hand in hand. Built following traditional Balinese techniques, …


2 separate buildings (male and female), right at the beach, with 2 rooms of 75 beds each. So we’re good to go for groups of …

Camp on Survivor Island

For the ultimate adventurers: Make your own tent and do your own cooking on a deserted island! Cool for schools, father-son camps, or, more generally, …

Homestay with Local Family

A fantastic opportunity to meet with –and spend a night or two with– the local people in our village. Cook with them, play with them, …

Bask in Eco luxury

LooLa does not view other hotels as competitors – we see them as partners. So if you want to enjoy LooLa’s Eco activities but enjoy …

Amazing scenery

Bintan is a gorgeous island with a 1,700-year long history.
In 2000, LooLa was its first international resort, so we could pick Bintan's most beautiful spot .... it was love at first sight!
We're still in love, and our dedicated local staff keeps enhancing the beauty of LooLa and our environment.

LooLa and Sustainability

Our guests often ask us:
Can we make our stay both fun and meaningful?

The answer is a big YES ! LooLa is owned by two teachers (Marc van Loo and Isabelle Lacoste, the "Loo" and "La") who fell in love with Indonesia in their back-packer days in the late eighties.

Built in 2000, LooLa is run by our fully local staff, who help our guests engage with the local community.

Through our programs and our location in Bintan, all 17 United Nation Sustainable Development goals come to life – for all ages!

Take a magical tour to make eco come to life for you!

Eco and LooLa: the Full Tour

Our awards & grants

Bintan #1 TripAdvisor hotel
Demonstrating that LooLa also receives the highest customer awards

Singapore #1 sustainable SME
Singapore’s Minister Masagos Zulkifli called LooLa an “inspiration for all companies to follow”

Asia #1 Eco resort

Asia’s most prestigious Ecotourism award

World #1 Responsible Tourism Operator London

World's most prestigious Ecotourism award

Received a USD 45,000 Grant
to do our second pilot SWG village in Citarum (Indonesia's most polluted river area)

Received a EUR 147,000 Grant
from the Dutch government for research to (cost)optimize our Safe Water Garden (SWG)

Received a USD 70,000 Grant
towards making the SWG Indonesia's national standard (succeeded late 2019)

Received a USD 50,000 Grant
to train Sinarmas teams to make their own Safe Water Gardens

Received a SGD 50,000 Grant
to support Safe Water Garden construction and research

Received a € 100,000 Grant
for our first WASH knowledge center, empowering 1,500 Bintan families through 100 SWGs

2023 UN Water Conference
Safe Water Garden invited to exhibit as one of only 6 examples of “scalable WASH innovation”

LooLa Eco Adventure