More about LooLa

The LooLa powerpoint presentation.
Views, activities, community work, and eco info all in one colourful file!
(Note: this 200 MB file does not display well on the browser, it really must be downloaded as a PPT; so after clicking the link below, please wait a while (could be up to a minute depending on the speed of your connection) and then please click the download button that appears on the right-top corner of the window that comes up).
Download here

Why work with LooLa?
This document is focusing on education, but others may find it interesting too.
It features our company’s background, our philosophy, our programs and activities, and a brief CV of our 50-odd full-time staff.
Download Here.

LooLa program proposal samples.
This document is, again, chiefly targeting educational groups, but it gives a good general idea of our programs: get inspiration from seeing what other schools have done and what is possible (we offer fully customised trips!)
Download here

Regional programs:
A quick but spectacular tour of all our trips in our region, inclusive of price information!
Download here

For more on our signature CSR program, visit our Safe Water Gardens website

For more on our travel insurance page, click the link at the bottom of this page

LooLa Eco Adventure