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LooLa in pictures:
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The LooLa powerpoint presentation.
Views, activities, community work, and eco info all in one colorful file!
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Why work with LooLa?
This document is focusing on education, but others may find it interesting too.
It features our company’s background, our philosophy, our programs and activities, and a brief CV of our 50-odd full-time staff.
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LooLa program proposal samples.
This document is, again, chiefly targeting educational groups, but it gives a good general idea of our programs: get inspiration from seeing what other schools have done and what is possible (we offer fully customised trips!)
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Regional programs:
A quick but spectacular tour of all our trips in our region, inclusive of price information!
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LooLa Prices:
Detailed price schedule for school and company trips.
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Sustainable Community Tourism:
Find out why LooLa is considered one of the world’s best eco tourism operators:
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Our latest CIP project: clean water for every villager in Indonesia!
We are very excited to work together with three world top universities (TU/e in Holland, NUS in Singapore, and Gadjah Mada in Indonesia), the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), a number of corporate partners, and a large number of Singapore-based schools, to build new waste water treatment systems for households in Bintan, under controlled conditions, with the ambitious -but we believe realistic- aim to roll out such systems on a national scale!
It’s great fun, a life changer for the recipients, incredibly rewarding for everyone involved, and there’s a real chance to be part of a regional game changer.
So join in the effort!
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Straits Times on LooLa’s eco villas:
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