LooLa's partners

the region's avant-garde for adventure school trips

LooLa's partner philosophy

The LooLa Adventure group works only with a very small, very select group of people who completely share our passion for responsible tourism and Outdoor education.

As the stakes are so high working with school children, we look for a very highly developed sense of personal responsibility and honesty, so we know we can always trust each other to deliver top service, and share updates of our protocols transparently every time we see an opportunity to improve them.

Our partners must also share our passion for working directly with the local communities, since no business can be sustainable unless all stakeholders see true value.

These are stringent requirements, but below we present the partners that pass these tests with flying colors.

We are very proud to work with them, and we look forward to show you why!

Philip and Kelly Lim from Acrobatics

We are delighted that for our Bali trips, we can not only rely on our staff from LooLa Adventure Resort for assistance, but also on the inspirational lead of two of Singapore’s most renowned adventure coaches: Philip and Kelly Lim.

Philip Lim, a former national champion climbing, is a full time rock climbing coach with 16 years of climbing experience. He co-founded Climb Asia climbing centre with two friends, and from modest beginnings turned it into Singapore’s most prominent rock-climbing centre, a place of international fame. Meanwhile, he also found the time to co-author a climbing guide of our region that is sold across the world.

After this inspirational success as an entrepreneur, Philip & Kelly decided that their true calling, however, is in teaching and coaching students, and they hence founded Acrobatics Climbing Consultants in 2002, which specializes in coaching student climbers in schools, and will continue to do so.

They have led many schools on numerous rock climbing trips to Malaysia, Thailand and India.

Expecting their first baby in late 2011, they have moved now to the land of their dreams, Bali, and are looking forward to welcoming their new baby as well as many more school groups, together with LooLa!

Elke Schmitz from BaseCamp Tonsai

BaseCamp Tonsai was set up in 1996 on TonSai beach (one of the beaches making up the world-famous peninsular known as “Railai”, sometimes referred to as “Krabi”, after the capital of the Thai province it’s located in), by Elke, a German national.

It is recommended by Lonely Planet as “the most professional outfit” in the area – and we at LooLa fully concur with this assessment.

Before embarking on her passion to open Krabi climbing to the world, Elke worked as a highly respected investment banker in the US, but has never looked back since setting foot in Krabi!

Elke and Marc (the owner of LooLa) have know each other for over a decade, and share the same philosophy of transparency and responsible tourism. They both work with fully local staff, leveraging on their irreplaceable local knowledge, while exposing them to rigorous trainings to achieve and exceed international safety and customer relations management.

All the guides speak excellent English, and have been trained as climbing instructors, following the – highly demanding – standards of the German Alpine Club (DAV) and have at least three years of working experience.

Basecamp Tonsai trains and (re-)tests all guides at the start of each season, and is the only climbing school in Krabi to do so.

As a testament to Elke’s commitment to safe climbing, BaseCamp Tonsai has been accident-free for over 10 years now (2011) – which is an extremely impressive record in an industry that works with clients who are known to occasionally push risks to the extreme!

Working exclusively with LooLa when catering for school trips, Elke has run well over a dozen trips for both local and international schools, most of which become return guests after trying the trip once.

Elke and LooLa look forward to welcome you in beautiful Krabi soon!

Huey from KayakAsia

Huey has been kayaking since 1994, in all its forms and guises: flatwater racing, expedition kayaking, ocean racing, and sea kayaking. One of Asia’s most experienced expedition paddlers, he has paddled more than 5,000 km in various parts of Asia. A collection of his expeditions are published on his website http://www.kayakasia.org/.

Huey was involved in the successful commercial design of river kayak trips/expeditions for Kuching River and Endau River. To date, he has also designed and put into production 4 kayak models.

His expeditions have enjoyed extensive coverage by major newspapers including Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao, Action Asia, New Paper, Lianhe Wanbao, AP, etc. He has also written for publications like A1travel (SPH), Youthbeat, and so on.

He has lead a great number of kayaking-focused school trips, in particular to Krabi and Endau, notably together with LooLa. Our professional contact runs even deeper than this, since Huey helped LooLa to become the first resort in Asia to run the unique as-long-as-you-like Tequila kayaks.

Wisata Sekolah

WisataSekolah.com is Indonesia’s leading domestic provider of Educational Tours: Study Tours, Field Trips and other educational activities for companies, educators and school groups. Unique amongst travel agents in Indonesia, most of WisataSekolah’s staff are former teachers.

The owners of Wisata Sekolah and LooLa have met on a number of occasions, and LooLa is impressed by WisataSekolah’s dedication to delivering high quality education trips. LooLa is therefore happy to announce that Wisata Sekolah is LooLa’s designated representative in Java and wider Indonesia.